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Highsmith Guns offers a full selection of archery top brands.  We are dealers for Bear, Hoyt, Mathews, and PSE compound bows and accessories. We also offer Ravin and Killer Instinct crossbows and accessories. We carry a wide variety of other archery accessories and equipment for target shooting, competition and hunting. We are able to order most items an archer may need.

Moreover, Highsmith Guns employs an amazing bowtech that can repair your bow, perform a tune-up when hunting season rolls around, or get it shooting straighter than you ever thought possible. Due to our bowtech's high skill level and the volume of work he performs, please call and schedule an appointment for any work your bow may need.

Even better, we have a full competition-ready archery range for you to shoot in one of our leagues, sight in your bow, or just blow off some steam!

We also offer training in archery. We can help experienced shooters hone their skills or teach beginners the basics and get them ready to compete or hunt. Please contact the store with questions or to schedule a lesson.


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